Best Pontoon Boat Fenders For The Money

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Pontoon boat fenders help reduce potential damage on your boat’ rails and hull. The fenders absorb shocks emanating from sudden contact with other vessels, marinas, and docks. Fenders mainly help protect corners of the pontoon, the delicate aluminum fence, and the fiberglass side of your boat.

That said, there exist different models of fenders designed for use on different locations. This hands on reviews key considerations you should mull over when sourcing the Best Pontoon Boat Fenders For The Money

Best Overall Boat Fender

The Polyform G Series is the overall best pontoon boat fender for the money mimic a molded-in ribs construction. The thick, abrasion resistant walls aren’t only visually appealing but also strong enough to withstand pressure from collision with other vessels and walls at enclosed marinas. Reaching 22² in height, this boat fender will suit any pontoon boat with a length ranging from 20² to 30².

Polyform inflation valve

The fender is shipped in a pre-inflated form. The polyform  valving system, used in conjunction with an adapter,  allows you to adjust the pressure.

For versatility of use, the Polyform G Series Fenders are equipped with a reinforced rope holds that allow boat owners to place the fenders either in a horizontal or vertical position for optimal protection.


  • One piece-construction for reliability
  • Range of sizes and colors to choose from
  • Pocket friendly pricing
  • Uv-resistant
  • Pre-inflated


Isn’t shipped with a pump
Smaller sizes do not have pressure adjusting valve

The Polyform G Series

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About The Company

Inflatable net buoys and fenders were initially manufactured by Polyform AS in 1955, making it a pioneer in the industry. Polyform AS is the industry’s top manufacturer. The firm is based in lesund, Norway, which is one of the world’s most inventive marine settings, and is registered in Norway. Customers across the globe may purchase Polyform® goods thanks to a well-established network of distributors. Polyform AS offers a wide selection of basic items as well as customised options and products under a private label.

What Purchasers Say:

“Our 34 foot Mainship Pilot had a boat fender installed on it. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and boating, and he’s quite particular about the things he uses on his boat. He gushed over how well-made and just the appropriate size it was for his boat the fender was. The piers on which he keeps his yacht are well-protected. He’s even indicating that he’d want another one. Although it is available in a variety of hues, he prefers the classic white. Buying a high-quality product for my husband’s favourite pastime was a huge relief”.

“This set of fenders, bumpers, or whatever else you want to call them, fits my 27.5-foot pontoon boat perfectly. Cheap ones aren’t worth it. Amazon has these at a reasonable price, however. Boat dealerships and marinas charge much more for the same brand. No problems here.”

At A Glance: Best Pontoon Boat Fenders For The Money

Image Product Details   Price
Picture1 Polyform G Series Boat Fenders Offered in 10 colors
5 sizes to choose from
Abrasion resistant
Polyform’s valving system
Reinforced eye ropes
Check Price
Picture2 Taylor Made Products 1026 Big B Inflatable Vinyl Boat Fender Dimensions: 10″ D x 26″ L
Molded rib construction
Rubber valve system
Horizontal placement
Center Rope Tube
Check Price
Picture3 Mission Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper Pliable closed-cell foam
Dimensions: 22” H x 9” W x 5.5” T
Integrated woven straps
No-roll design
Available in 4 colors
Check Price
Picture4 Taylor  Made Products 31030 Pontoon Boat Fender Dimension: 16″L X 9″W
Marine grade vinyl
UV resistant
Rubber valve system(football needle)
Color: White
Check Price
Picture5 Taylor Made Products 31032 Pontoon Boat Fence Fender Dimensions: 9″ W x 36″ L
Universal fit
UV resistant vinyl
Integrated rubber valve
Shipped with attachment strap
Check Price

This utility fender model is constructed using marine grade rubber which makes it strong enough to safeguard large pontoon boats that have sizes ranging from 25² to 35².

To minimize rolling, the fender’s surface has been built as molded ribs that won’t shift and leave your pontoon boat exposed. A high gloss finish gives the fender an attractive veneer.

Center Rope Tube  

An opening through the fender allows you to pass a rope through it. This way, you can hang the fender either in vertical position or horizontally depending on the type of protection you need on your pontoon.


  • Durable, one-piece construction withstands high impact collisions
  • An attractive, high gloss finish that matches gel coat colors of many pontoon boats
  • Horizontal placement protects boat from occasional awkward docking and tidal change areas.
  • Lifetime warranty against splitting
  • Can be inflated using football needle pump


  • Not suited for large vessels

Customers’ reviews and scores

For many customers, the Taylor Made Boat Fenders aren’t only quality in build but are complemented by a responsive help desk by the manufacturers.

Our verdict

These fenders would work perfectly on pontoon boats and yachts that a length not exceeding 35 feet.  

Mission Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper[“Best Flat Pontoon Boat Fender”]

The Mission Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender is made from a revolutionary closed-cell foam material that guarantees durable. By leveraging on cross-link foam technology, the manufacturer ensures that the closed-cell foam used is not only non-marking but also waterproof and non-staining.

Innovative locking mechanism

For ease of positioning the sentry fender, the manufacturer ships an extra long strap that a boat owner can use to secure the fender on a desired point on the boat. The strap feature a no-roll design ensuring the fender remains in position regardless of the impact.

Best Pontoon Boat Fenders
Mission Boat Gear Sentry Boat Dock Fender Bumper


  • Easy to attach
  • Visually appealing
  • Ideal for pontoon’s low riding deck
  • Durable construction thus saves on money


  • Aren’t as effective against raging water currents

Customers’ reviews and scores

A large percentage of customers felt the sentry fenders work decently. However, some customers felt that pairing these units with traditional fenders make for much safer outing in the waters.  

Our verdict

For avid boaters, the sentry fenders are good units for protecting your pontoon boat from low to mid impacts.

This custom made fender is designed to sit where traditional fenders may not reach. It cushions the pontoon from impact with docked boats, piers, and even buoys in the seas.

For longevity, the Taylor 31030 Pontoon Boat Fender is carved from marine grade vinyl that’s both UV and scratch resistant. The surface that will be contact with the colliding surface feature molded ridges to minimize roll.

Rubber valve System

The fender incorporates a rubber valve system similar to that of a football needle valve. This type of a valve system isn’t only easy to work with in adjusting the pressure within the fender but also lasts longer than valve systems.


  • Snug fit
  • Easy to install
  • Durable construction
  • Aesthetically appealing


  • Only offered in one color

Customers’ reviews and scores

Based on reviews by customers who bought this fender through Amazon, the Taylor Made 31030 fender is worth the investments. Customers were especially pleased with the fender’s functionality and the ease of installing it into place. On a scale of 5, this fender earns a deserved rating of 4.2

Our verdict

The Taylor Made 31030 Pontoon Boat Fender is the ideal accessory for those who often ride their boats in tight spaces such as rivers.

These unique fenders are designed to safeguard the delicate aluminum railings when you are rafting your pontoon boat. They are made of marine grade vinyl that can withstand harsh surroundings.

The fence lender is shipped with an attachment strap. This strap comes with a friction spring-clip which helps in tightening the strap on the underside of the deck.

The ridged surface keeps the fender in position regardless of how intense the impact is. Besides this, their design minimizes possibilities of these fenders riding up or going sideways as happens with conventional fenders installed on the underside of a deck.


  • Durable material
  • Easy to install
  • Simultaneously safeguard the upper and lower railings
  • Boosts the boats aesthetics
  • Snug fit


  • hard to manipulate in water
  • Not cushy in comparison to round fenders

Customers’ reviews and scores

A large majority of customers felt the fender worked as described by manufacturers. Some, however, felt the manufacturer could improve its design to ease manipulation while in the waters. Overall, the fender attracts a rating of 3.9/5

Things to consider when choosing Inflatable Pontoon Boat Fenders

Boat weight

A fender should be sized to withstand your pontoon boat’s weight on impact. Boat weight is often estimated in terms of its length. A standard practice is to have 1 inch of girth on the fender for every 5-foot length on the boat.

If, for instance, your pontoon boat is 30 inches, the fenders you source should be at least 6-inches in fender diameter.

Boat length

How many fenders are enough to safeguard your boat?

A generic rule is to install a fender for every 10 feet of your boat’s length. Let’s say your Avalon pontoon boat is 30 feet, you need at least 3 fenders on each side.

Types of pontoon boat fenders

Side fenders

They are designed to sit between the pontoon boat and the dock. They thus protect high stress areas on the sides of the boat.

Fence-saver fenders

These help safeguard your boats upper and lower aluminum railings.  Fence-saver fenders are suspended vertically and are usually longer compared to other fender models.

Corner fenders

These are robust and weatherproof structures that protect your boat from being bashed by elements or other vessels in the docking bay. They are usually installed around the corners of the pontoon boat.  

Cylindrical fenders

They are cylindrical in shape. They have small eyelets where the supporting rope passes through. They work best on smaller boats. They are harder to arrange compared to other types of fenders.  


Installing the right kind of fenders on your pontoon boat allows you to have stress-free boating experience. Often times, though, boat owners choose fenders as mere accessory on the boat. This guide saves you the struggles of analyzing tens of models in a bid to find a fender that suits your pontoon.  

sources: https://polyform.no

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