Best Pontoon Boat Under Deck LED Lights 2022 [Let There Be Light]

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LED lights are an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to light up your pontoon boat deck for nighttime fun. LEDs are a fantastic choice for pontoon boats because of its long lifetime, low maintenance needs, and durability. We’ll go through the Best Pontoon Boat Under Deck LED lights and give you some pointers on how to choose the correct one.

The Green Blob Outdoors Pimp My Pontoon Multi-Color LED for 18-29ft Models Under Deck Lighting Kit w Bonus Neon Red & Green Navigation Strips is our top pick for the best LED light for pontoon boats. This light is extremely versatile, and can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s perfect for illuminating your deck for nighttime fun, but it can also be used as a navigation light or a marker light. Plus, the bonus neon red and green navigation strips make it easy to find your boat in dark conditions.

The Pros:

  • Versatile – Can be used for a variety of purposes
  • Bright – Lights up your deck for nighttime fun
  • Easy to install – No drilling required

The Cons:

  • Pricey – A bit more expensive than other lights on the market
  • The green light might be too bright for some users
Pimp My Pontoon LED Underdeck Light kit 
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Pontoon boat under deck LED lights are an essential accessory on a pontoon especially when to ride at night or through zones with poor visibility. They provide refined lighting on the lower part of your boat thus alerting other vessels of your boat’s movements. Besides safety, installing lights on your pontoon boat creates a more cheery environment.

Considerations When Purchasing Under Deck Lights


Since these lights will be directly exposed to the elements, it’s vital to ensure they are well insulated. Also ensure that they package the right number of lumens as these dictate how bright- or dim- they will be when finally connected.


The ideal size depends on the installation location. If it’s on the straight sections of the deck, then longer LEDs would fit well. However, if you aim to install the lights around the corners, it helps to settle for models that fit into the tight spaces.

How To Install Best Pontoon Boat Under Deck Led Lights

The LED lights should be shipped with a complete installation kit and the installation manual should clearly explain the installation process. Important elements in the installation kit include a mounting channel, female spades for attaching to the battery, and adhesive components.

Aesthetic appeal

While you are at liberty to install LED lights with whatever color shades, settling for striking shades will certainly uplift your boat’s appearance.

At A Glance: Best Pontoon Boat Under Deck Led Lights

Detailed Review Of The 5 Best Pontoon Boat Under Deck LED Lights

The Seapon LED strips are not only super bright makes your pontoon boat appealing to other sea users. They are shipped as a 5 meter long LED strips that can cover a large part of the boats under deck. They are smooth and easy to install.

Once installed, the strips spread the light at an angle to create an even luminous and an attractive ambience. The flexible ribbon has cutting marks to guide you on where to trim for the required length.

Unlike most under deck lights, the Seapon LED strips can be used in a variety of areas such as lighting the cockpit, gunwale lighting, accent lighting, center console just to name a few.

What we like about it

  • They are very easy to install
  • The Seapon LED strips are very bright and provide good illumination
  • They are available in different colors and sizes
  • You can cut them to length as per your requirement
  • They consume less power as compared to other types of lighting fixtures
  • The light emitted by these LEDs is close to natural sunlight, which is good for the eyes
  • LEDs have a long lifespan and do not require much maintenance
  • They are shockproof and weatherproof, making them ideal for outdoor use
  • The Seapon LED strips can be used with a dimmer switch to create the perfect ambiance in any room.

The Obcursco Pontoon LED Light Strip is a great addition to any pontoon boat. It features a long, waterproof strip of LEDs that can be easily installed on any surface. The light strip is very bright and provides plenty of illumination for nighttime boating.

The product also includes a built-in controller that allows you to change the color and intensity of the light strip. Overall, the Obcursco Pontoon LED Light Strip is an excellent product and is sure to make your pontoon boat more enjoyable to use at night.

What we like about it

Here what we like about the Obcursco Pontoon LED Light Strips :

  • They are super easy to install. You don’t need any special tools or skills. Just peel off the adhesive backing and stick them on.
  • They are very bright and provide good illumination for your pontoon boat.
  • They are very affordable, especially when you compare them to other similar products on the market.

The Obcursco Pontoon LED Light Strips are a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-install lighting solution for your pontoon boat. They offer good illumination and are very bright, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to improve the visibility on their pontoon boat.

In contrast to models such as the HUSUKU LED lights that are designed as one solid part, the BLAST LED come as thin strips that can be trimmed to fit on a specific part on the boat’s under deck.

These lights can be customized to give out lights of different color shades and enhance the boat’s appearance when they are turned on. They come with a 20 feet electrical cord which makes it easy to attach them in far to reach areas on your pontoon boat.

What we like about it

Worried if the BLAST LED lights will last long enough on your pontoon boat? The manufacturer guarantees a 50, 000 hours of uninterrupted lighting. That’s not all; the BLASTED LED lights have a high lumen count which makes them bright yet they consume lower amounts of energy.

These 20 feet RecPro under the deck LED lights are shipped in ready to install form and will instantly transform your pontoon into a visually striking and safer watercraft.

The installation process is straightforward and the manufacturer ships pre-installed adhesive strips (3 M long) so that you don’t spend an extra dime.

What we like about it

With an IP 68 waterproof rating, the RecPro lights can be submersed without malfunctioning. You are at liberty to either go with the cool blue lighting or opt for the subtle white light and enjoy 50, 000 hours of under deck lighting on your pontoon boat.  

Some under deck lighting accessories will make your boat visible from a distance and thus safer. But the CH – Blue Under Deck Boat Lights will add an extra tinge of beauty as they shine on the waters.

These lights are equipped with a number of lumens which ooze out a characteristic blue light that augurs well with the waters. This, coupled with an IP 68 waterproof rating, is bound to make night rides more fun.

What we like about it

The LED lights are shipped with the required installation kit and the installation process is pretty straight forward. The electrical cables reach 20 feet in length to make it easy to install these lights around corners for efficient lighting.

Are there places where under deck LED lights are illegal?

The rules that govern installation of lights on sea vessels vary with each state or country. Check out this guide on you need to observe before installing under deck LED lights on your pontoon.

What are some conditions that void a warranty on LED under deck lights?

Some manufacturers dictate that their lights be used in specific environments. Using your boat in salty water against manufacturer’s recommendation may void the warranty. The same goes for intentional abuse of the lights.

Suppose I cut the lights on the marked sections but they don’t work, will I get a replacement?

Most manufacturer’s will definitely replace the light kit if fails due to malfunctioning. However, a single mistake on the user’s side voids the warranty.

Do I have to buy two pairs of LED lights to install on both sides of my pontoon?

It depends on the design of the lights. Some light come as strips which can be trimmed and pieces fixed on either side. Other lights must be bought in pairs for each to be fixed a side.

Final Thoughts

Under deck lights are an essential for pontoon owners who have to ride at night or through areas with areas with poor visibility. Even when docked, a well lit and decorated boat can be an ideal place to socialize and enjoy the cool breeze.

Selecting under deck lights to match your boat is indulging and tiring activity. For this, we have reviewed the best under deck lights that will be a good fit on your pontoon boat to save hours of research and draining comparison. Take a step and buy your favorite lighting kit today.

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