Top 5 Pontoon Boat Seats with Storage

Installing pontoon boat seats with storage will not only make the deck of your pontoon boat clutter free but it can also enhance the safety of users. Besides comfort and deck aesthetics, most of seats with storage compartments are built to withstand heavy use and even moderate wear and tear.

These seats are designed to be reliable and durable. Even then, not all boat seats should be installed on your vessel. In this article, we review the five best pontoon boat seat models that have a storage compartment. Check them out below.  

The DeckMate Premium 38″ Pontoon Boat Seats is a comfy seat made of UV resistant vinyl wrapping. The seat is hinged to allow boat owners to open it with ease and access the storage compartment underneath.

For aesthetics, the cover material is double stitched and this makes it an ideal fit on a pontoon’s boat deck. While it lacks fancy additions such as cup holders, it’s spacious enough for the passengers to sit in relaxed position.

Pontoon Boat Seats with Storage
DeckMate 38″ Pontoon Boat Seats

Features(Pros) Of The Deckmate Premium

  1. An attractive warranty  package
  2. Durable construction
  3. Spacious storage compartment hidden out of view
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Fade resistant cover

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AT A GLANCE: Best Pontoon Boat Seats With Storage

Things to Consider when Buying Pontoon Boat Seat with Storage

A good boat seat must tick all the key boxes before it can qualify to occupy some space on your boat. These boxes include durability, comfort, warranty, and compartment size.

Aesthetics and durability

The seats you install on your boat should give the boat’s decker an appealing veneer. For durability, the frame of the seat should be made of corrosion resistant material that can withstand the maximum weight recommended on the seat.  

Material make

The wrappings used on the seat should be mildew treated to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. Even so, the material used to wrap the seat should be comfortable to sit on regardless of the duration. It shouldn’t sweat or become excessively hot.  Going with marine grade vinyl can save you agony of having to change your boat seats due to inconvenience your passengers.

Compartment size

The items you intend to be carrying on your pontoon boat should dictate the compartment size. If you intend to use the compartments for keeping items such as your boat’s anchor, then the compartment should be a size bigger than the anchor. This should also apply to whatever other items you’d want to keep off the deck.


Often times, prices of boat seats vary depending on the brand. You definitely want to choose a chair from a reputable brand but also within your set budget in mind.


If a manufacturer has produced a seat of the highest quality, they will likely ship it with a generous warranty covering the upholstery, the frame or both.

TAYLOR MADE PRODUCTS 674642 Platinum Series Pontoon Furniture

This bench style pontoon boat seat is designed for comfort and durability. The seat is wrapped with marine grade vinyl that’s not only fade resistant but also dries with a short span after water splash.

The frame of this seat is made of molded polyurethane foam that resists warping and holds fasteners firmly. The concealed storage compartment is equipped with a drainage channel to minimize accumulation of moisture which would make the seat cold.

The seat cushion is16½” from the decker’s surface and this enables passengers to assume a relaxed posture as they enjoy the moment.


  • Easy installation
  • Large dry storage
  • Offered in multiple color shades
  • Good height to support user’s back
  • Durable construction


  • Lacks additional features such cup holders

DeckMate Premium Pontoon Flip Flop Seats

The LIPPERT COMP 674644 PONTOON FURN FLIP FLOP SEAT WHITE feature a molded, high-impact plastic base that’s light on the deck yet durable.

 On the sides are anodized aluminum arms that offer a rigid back support. The storage compartment is placed underneath the flip flop seat. It can easily be accessed by just lifting the seat and letting it rest on the back support pad.

For your passengers comfort, the seat is wrapped with a heavy-duty 28 Oz vinyl that forms a thick padding. The vinyl isn’t only soft on the user but also fade and scratch resistant.


  • Easy to assemble on the deck
  • Generous storage space
  • Generous warranty on upholstery and frame
  • Cover is resistant to scuff
  • Different color schemes to choose from


  • Lacks features that could make users more comfortable e.g. cup holders

Wise Deluxe Pontoon Left Lean Back Lounge Seat

This is designed to offer maximum comfort to the user. The contoured cushions are not only spacious but are also filled with high compression foam just to make the user convenient.

The rectangular base is made of molded, high impact plastic that can support different user weights. For longevity, the seat is dressed is dressed in a marine grade vinyl that can withstand the harsh marine environment. The vinyl is UV and fade resistant. It’s also hardly affected by scuff and doesn’t scratch easily.

Pontoon Boat Seats with Storage


  1. A unique, leaning design for maximum comfort
  2. Compact shape takes minimal space on the deck
  3. Sufficient storage space
  4. Cup holders for added comfort
  5. Generous warranty on upholstery and frame build


  • The price may not appeal to some boat owners

Wise 8WD707P-1- Deluxe Lounge Seat

The Wise 8WD707P-1- Deluxe Lounge Seat flaunts an embossed vinyl center panel creating two opposite facing sitting positions.

The seat’s main frame is made of mildew-treated vinyl ideal for the moist surroundings. The two seats are feature high-compression foam padding that users will find comfortable even after using them for long hours.

The storage compartment can be accessed by lifting any of the two hinged seats.

Pontoon Boat Seats with Storage


  • Easy to mount
  • Seats can extended for sunbathing
  • Durable construction
  • Improves your boat’s aesthetics
  • Comfortable even when used for long hours


  • The sitting arrangement may not be appealing to passengers wanting to have an intimate conversation

How do I install pontoon Boat Seats?

Where or how to install a boat seat on your pontoon is dictated by the design of the seat. Some seats, such as the Wise 8WD707P-1- Deluxe Lounge Seat, mount of the floor of the boat without requiring modification.

How do I know the right seat to install on my pontoon boat?

When reupholstering, take the old seats apart and note the installation pattern. You then match the new seats to the pattern.

How do I protect my Pontoon Boat Seats?

To keep your boat’s seats in a pristine condition, clean them on a regular basis using the recommended cleaning agents.

Additionally, never place sharp pointed objects on the seat as they may tear through the fabric. Such objects include anchors.  

Which tools do I need to install the seats on my pontoon boat?

Basic power and hand tools are all you need to install the seats. Ensure you have a socket set, carpet scraper, cordless drill, and a set of screwdrivers.

Final word

Boat seats with a storage compartment can aid in keeping pontoon’s deck tidy and obstruction free. Besides this, the extra storage pockets can allow you to carry the many different items you may need for long outing in the waters.

 If you are wondering which seat models will offer a nice balance between aesthetics and functionality, this article has pointed you in the right direction. Take a step and make your pontoon boat classy by choosing any of the models highlighted.  

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