Best Inflatable Slides for a Pontoon Boat 2022

Pontoon boats open up a new world filled with fun and adventures. You can cruise, fish, ski, and even take a ride to your favorite campsites.

Adding some vital add-ons can take your boating pleasure to a whole new level. One such accessory to have on your pontoon boat is an inflatable slide.

Inflatable slides for a pontoon boat are not only easy to install but also much safer than welded slides. But which are the best inflatable slides to install on your vessel?

In this guide, we delve into the details of choosing a befitting pontoon boat slide and also review top five slides you can buy today.

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RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide[Best Overall]

The RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide is a compact inflatable slide made of reinforced, heavy-duty PCV. As such, it can withstand intense sliding overtures for years provided it isn’t misused.

The slide features a patterned central air chamber that has molded vinyl steps. This chamber provides stability to the user. On the side are blue-colored handles that are attached to a plastic handle to enable users to climb back to the top of the slide.

The slide is shipped with a high pressure, 12V inflator/deflator. The deflator enables you to set and deflate the slide within minutes and also to dissemble it with ease when the fun is over.

Its compact size when deflated makes it ideal for use on pontoon boats of different sizes. After all, it requires a small storage space on the deck.


  • Compact thus easy to store
  • Easily fits over the side gate
  • Ample, 9-feet sliding surface
  • Can be used on pontoon boats of varying sizes
  • Durable construction


  • Not shipped with straps and storage bag
Video Credit: Rave Sports

About the Company

RAVE® didn’t jump on the water sports bandwagon, they created it! The originator of the inflatable water trampoline, we provide innovative and high-quality products that provide serious water sports fun for the whole family. Their innovation has expanded into a comprehensive product line of water trampolines, bouncers and accessories, towables, stand up paddle boards, water skis and wakeboards, pool toys, and camp and resort water sports activity platforms. At RAVE® you’ll find everything to keep your summer on the water and smiles on your faces. Their products let kids be kids — or better yet, they let adults be kids.

At A Glance: Best Inflatable Slides For A Pontoon Boat

Considerations when Choosing an Inflatable Slide for your Pontoon Boat

Weight Capacity

It’s vital to ascertain that the inflatable slide you are checking out can handle the weight of the intended users. It’s especially vital to get the weight right if the slide will be used by adults as the impact of their weight is much higher.

Length and breadth

The inflatable slide should be long and wide enough that users can slide through unobstructed. Additionally, the length should be the right match with your boat’s size. If the slide is too large it will be hard to fix on the boat. Too small a size will ruin the experience of your passengers.

pontoon boat slides

Ease of assembly and use

An inflatable slide is only fixed into position when the passengers are ready to use. It should then be disassembled for storage. For this, opt for a slide that’s easy to set up and remove after use. Most inflatable slides are shipped with a storage kit. This kit should be a size that will fit in well within the storage space that your boat has.


Your budget will certainly dictate the model of the inflatable slide that you have to settle for. If lucky, you can get an inflatable pontoon slide that costs much more than your budget but is probably on offer for lower price. Always research for such deals as you can get a quality slide that will last you for years.

Image Product Details   Price
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-5.png RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide Superior marine grade construction
Weight capacity: 250 lbs
Deflated Weight: 36.5  lbs
Dimensions(Inflated): 120 in x 25 in x 6 in
1 Year Limited Warranty
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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-6.png SportsStuff SPILLWAY Pontoon Slide Reinforced PVC construction
Weight capacity: 200 lbs
Dimensions(Inflated): 10.5 ft x 33 in x 54 in
Sliding surface length: 8 ft
Check Price
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-7.png AQUAGLIDE Pontoon Slide Heavy-duty anchor straps
Weight capacity: 200 lbs
Dimensions (inflated): 120″L x 35″W x 42″H
Deflated Weight: 45.45 lbs
3 Year Warranty covers manufacturer’s defects.
Check Price
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-8.png RAVE Sports Dock Slide Weight capacity: 200 lbs
Deflated Weight: 32.45 lbs
: 26 x 11 x 19 inch.
1 Year Limited Warranty
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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-9.png AQUAGLIDE Freefall Waterslide 10 Ft Height
Includes Climbing Wall
Resort Style Floating
Capacity: 5 Users
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Top Inflatable Slides for a Pontoon Boat 2022

2. SportsStuff SPILLWAY Pontoon Slide

Brighten up the entertainment water spots with this yellow colored pontoon slide.

This SportsStuff slide will take you just five minutes to inflate and can be used by both children and adults. While it comes with a moderate price tag, it’s superior in design, light, and safe for the users.

It has air chambers on both sides to protect users from falling sideways and probably getting injured by the boat’s base area. The central chamber has molded steps with a slight inclination near the water line to give users an enjoyable lift as they launch into the waters.


  • Heavy-duty construction helps save on replacement costs
  • A lengthy, 8-feet sliding surface for an entertaining sliding
  • A relatively high weight capacity
  • Molded steps for maximum safety
  • Moderate pricing


  • It isn’t shipped with an inflation pump

3. AQUAGLIDE Pontoon Slide

At 120″ long when inflated, the AQUAGLIDE Pontoon Slide is bound to turn any boat into a fun-filled playground.

From a UV-coated PVC construction to welded footsteps, this inflatable slide is built to serve you for years. The webbed straps are equipped with some stainless steel rings that hold the slide securely onto the boat

The AQUAGLIDE Pontoon Slide reaches about 35″ in breadth and, for this; it can easily be installed on your pontoon’s front deck space. Once you’ve inflated it to recommended levels, you will create an enticing, five-foot sliding into the cool waters below.


  • Heavy-duty construction to handle up 200 lbs
  • Shipped with a powerful pump
  • Replaceable anchor made of stainless steel
  • Molded handles eases boarding
  • Shipped with 4 straps


  • Bulky thus challenging to store

4. RAVE Sports Dock Slide

It may have been designed for docking areas, but the RAVE Sports Dock Slide is every inch a perfect fit on medium to large pontoon boats.

The slide has a 9′ if sliding surface that can handle 200lbs of user’s weight. The smooth sliding surface is made of marine grade PVC and reaches 35 inches in width. Users will find this surface inviting and enjoyable to slide through.  

The slide is fitted with adapters of varying sizes to ensure you don’t inflate beyond the recommended levels. It’s also shipped with a 2.5 psi, 12 V rated pump that will inflate within minutes.

The slide has a slider on either side of the main air chamber that aid in keeping users in a straight trajectory. Despite seeming to have an enormous size, the slide only weighs 30 pounds once deflated.


  • Can be used on multiple platforms
  • Compact easing storage
  • Quality construction
  • Easy to set up and disassemble
  • Shipped with necessary repair kit tools


  • Bulky for small sized boats

5. Intex Freefall Waterslide

In contrast to the above four inflatable slides, the Intex Freefall Waterslide is wider and taller. For this, it can be used by 2 or 3 users simultaneously making it even more fun.

The 10 feet sliding surface launches users into an impregnable reap that ends and enjoyable splash into the cool waters.

A commercial grade fabric is used on the sliding surface for durability and a smooth slide. Further on, the fabric is reinforced with a UV-resistant coating to block the strong rays of light that may lead to fading or weakening of the fabric.

Most inflatable slides start leaking from the seams. To prevent such an on occurrence in this waterslide, the seams are hot air-welded making superior in design and design.


  1. Accommodates multiple users
  2. Quality construction
  3. A longer and fulfilled sliding surface
  4. Easy to assemble
  5. Fits perfectly on large pontoon boats


  • Maybe overly large on small boats

How to install an Inflatable Slide for your Pontoon Boat

inflatable slides for pontoon boat

An inflatable slide is packaged with an Inflator/Deflator and a repair kit. Always observe the laid safety rules to safe other passengers from harm.

Here are the steps to safely installing an inflatable slide on your pontoon boat:

Step 1: Choose an unobstructed location where water is deep enough and the boat is protected from wind. The water should be a minimum of 8 feet in depth.

Step 2: Clear any sharp objects on the railing and the side gate of your pontoon boat.  Throw the yet to be inflated slide over the locked gate on the side of your pontoon boat. The slide portion should be on the outward side while the climbing portion remains on the inside.

Step 3: Power up the inflating pump by connecting it to the boat’s battery. Basically, the black clip goes on the negative terminal while red to the positive. Connect the inflation adaptor to the valve of the slide.

Step 4: Inflate the main chamber of the slide until it is firm. Proceed to inflate the side rails so that they are also firm.

Step 5: Secure the inflated slide by wrapping its straps on the boat railing.  The wraps should be tight enough that the inflate slide won’t shift sideways.

pontoon boat slides

Parting Shot

There few sea adventure moments that can match a pontoon boat ride with an inflatable slide at your passengers’ disposal. It’s even more enjoyable when the slide can accommodate two passengers at an instant like it is with the AQUAGLIDE Freefall Waterslide. Whatever your preferences are, head over to the stores and check any of the inflatable slides here in and enjoy more fun in your pontoon boat rides.



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