Top 5 Reclining Captain’s Pedestal Chairs for A Pontoon Boat

When you are the captain of a pontoon boat, you will likely remain seated for hours on end. For this, you need a solid, ergonomically designed chair.  A captain’s pedestal chair is designed to ease mobility and align your body in a proper posture. Such a seat lowers your chances of suffering from back pain and fatigue which can hugely affect your concentration. In this blog we will reveal the best overall chair and 4 other top chairs on the market. Sit Tight!

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Here’s a review of 5 reclining captain ‘s pedestal chairs for a pontoon boat . Before then, let’s review key metrics that should inform your buying decision.

The Wise 8WD015-710 Standard Pilot Chair is reasonably priced with its sturdy construction. The seat is spacious while the molded arm rests provide a rest point for your hands when you aren’t on the wheel.

The height adjustment feature makes the seat suitable for use by both tall and medium sized captains. This is complemented by a locking knob that allows you to turn the seat through 3600 degrees for a stress free riding experience.

The marine grade vinyl used to dress the seat is UV resist. This means it will remain in a pristine condition regardless of how long you have had the seat on your boat.

Specification of the Wise Standard Pilot Chair

  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Frame: Molded Plastic
  • Dimensions: 22.5″ L x 17.75″ W x 18.25″H
  • Seat’s Depth: 17″
  • Height (Pedestal included): 30″ to 36″
  • Seat wrapping: Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Properties: UV, mold, mildew resistant


  1. Adjustable seat slide
  2. Aesthetically appealing design
  3. Generous, 5 year warranty on for upholstery
  4. Wide seat for extraordinary comfort
  5. Ideal for captains suffering from back pain


  • Doesn’t have a swivel for better mobility

About The Company

The Wise Company, Inc was founded in 1961 by Charles W. Wise to manufacture seat assemblies and related items for road machinery, forklifts, farm equipment, trucks, golf carts, pleasure and fishing boats along with additional miscellaneous equipment for customers all across the United States and globally, as well.

The Wise Company is the largest manufacturer of pleasure boat seating and interiors in the country with manufacturing facilities in Tennessee, Illinois, and Arkansas and our corporate office in Memphis, TN.

As the world’s leading supplier of all types of seating, Wise has earned a reputation for high quality products and service. Boaters, anglers, and hunters have come to depend on our products to make their day on the water or time in the woods more enjoyable and comfortable.

At A Glance: 5 Reclining Captain’s Pedestal Chairs for A Pontoon Boat

Top 5 Reclining Captain’s Pedestal Seats

This seat flaunts a plush design that any captain would be proud of. The ergonomically designed seat has high-density foam padding to sooth you even when you have been on the wheel for hours.

The frame is crafted from high-impact, rotational molded plastic that will take in those occasional bumps on water waves without a squeak. The 23 inch backrest is dressed in a soft marine grade vinyl for a soft landing for your tired back. The tough vinyl can also withstand a range of destructive elements including UV rays and salty water.

The only draw down with this likeable captain’s seat is that is has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. This locks out muscled captains with heavier bodies.

  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Frame: High-Impact Molded Plastic
  • Dimensions (seat): 23.5″H x 26″D x 20.5″W
  • Seat wrapping: Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Properties: Plush foam padding, UV resistant vinyl


  1. Installs on OEM seat bolt holes thus easy to assemble
  2. Sufficient padding for maximum comfort
  3. Offered in a range of colors
  4. Shipped with mounting hardware


  • Low weight limit of 250 lbs

If you are searching for a Reclining Captain’s Pedestal Chairs for A Pontoon Boat that deliver a sweet combination of utmost comfort with solid build, the Moeller ST2000-HD, Boat Helm Seat and Cushion is the seat to invest in.

The seat is made of marine grade vinyl which makes it soft for the user yet sufficiently sturdy for the harsh seas. Even then, the cushion is removable and you can definitely replace it rather than buying a new chair.   

Underneath the vinyl covers is a toughened, high impact plastic frame that can easily carry 300 lbs of weight. The frame installs on any seat slider pedestal thus can be installed on your OEM part.

  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Construction: Molded arms
  • Frame: Marine grade vinyl
  • Dimensions: 18.5″ L x 17.5″ W x 13.5″H
  • Seat wrapping: Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Properties: UV-stabilized seating substrate


  • Quality construction
  • Shipped with mounting plate
  • Replaceable cushions saves on replacement costs
  • Inbuilt armrest


  • Offered in only one color

  • Item Package Dimensions-‎24.69 x 21.81 x 20.71 inches 
  • Package Weight-10.91 Kilograms 
  • Item Weight-24 Pounds 
  • Color-White/Charcoal

The Seamander Captain Bucket Seat,Sport Flip Up Seat will be an ideal Captain’s Pedestal Chairs for A Pontoon Boat, owing to its simplicity and high weight capacity. The bonded polyester material is treated to handle exposed elements that can cause corrosion and color fade.

The back rest is tall enough to keep your back in the proper poster. This minimizes chances of suffering fatigue and searing back pains.

The seat model can easily be mounted on any standard pedestal. However, you will have to source for the mounting hard ware since it isn’t shipped on ordering the seat.


  • Corrosion resistant parts thus ideal for salty water use
  • Spacious seat
  • Thick polyethylene walls will withstand the harshest sea environments
  • Offered in different colors to match your boat’s deck


  • Not shipped with installation hardware

Millennium Marine SW-100 Boat Seat

While the Millennium Marine SW-100 Boat Seat features a simplistic design, it’s built with the sturdiest materials for durability. It’s the ideal Reclining Captain’s Pedestal Chairs for A Pontoon Boat for muscled pilots needing a formidable chair to support their weight. The frame is made of premium aluminum that can support 400 lbs of user’s weight.

The wrappings are mildew and corrosion resistant while the aluminum frame can support up to 400 lbs of user’s weight.

But besides the material make, this seat is equipped with features that deliver maximum comfort. Built-in anglers help the captain to set the chair in a more relaxed, leaning position. The hinges between the seat and the backrest make it possible to fold the seat after use thus keeping the deck tidy.

Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
Dimensions: 22” L x 21” W x 10”H
Seat wrapping: Breathable fabric
Properties: UV, mold, mildew resistant


  • Suitable for use on both fresh and salty water bodies
  • Light weight thus easy to handle
  • Mounts on a variety of pedestals
  • Breathable material for maximum comfort
  • Spacious seat


  • Not shipped with seat mounting hardware

Considerations when choosing a Reclining Captain’s Pedestal Chair


The main structure of the seat should be solidly built. The base should be sufficiently strong to intense moves. The back rest shouldn’t warp or start squeaking from a few months of use. The same goes for the upholstery material- it should be built to match the harshest outdoor environments.   

Height of the pedestal

This depends on the user. The right seat must be designed such that you to stretch your legs freely. Modern day seats are adjustable so as to cater for users of varying gaits.

Swivel feature

It’s important to source for captain’s pedestal chair that allows you to move out or onto the seat without much of a hustle. Seats with a swivel are easy to control compared to fixed ones.


Since you may be riding the boat for hours on end, a conveniently designed backrest is a necessity. You can lean back when you aren’t actively controlling the wheel and release the fatigue.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I install and use a reclining captain’s pedestal chair?

Nearly all seats are shipped with an installation manual. Use it as a guide to installing the seat. Besides, most of the captain’s reclining seat install on the same port as the OEM seat shipped with your pontoon.

How to care and maintain your reclining captain’s pedestal chair

To keep your seat in the best condition:

  1. Avoid splashing liquids or elements that can corrode or cause color fading.
  2. Don’t place weight that is in excess of what is recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Only use the seat for intended purpose. For instance, fixing the anchor line on the seat’s pedestal is a sure way to weaken it.

Are boat seats waterproof?

A large majority of boat seats have a waterproof cover to project it while you are in the seas.

There are several pontoon boat chairs that aren’t waterproof. Vinyl, cloth, and leather are just a few of the materials they’re composed of, and all of them are susceptible to harm from water. Choose a pontoon boat seat that has been engineered to be watertight if you want to keep it out of the water.

PVC or other synthetic materials are used to make these chairs, which do not absorb water. Pontoon boat seats may also be found with a waterproof treatment or coating. Water damage to the seat will be minimised as a result of this measure. Be careful to evaluate the intended usage and the weather conditions before making a decision on a pontoon boat seat.

How do I stop my boat seats from cracking?

Since most boat There are a few things you can do to extend the life of cracked pontoon boat seats. Keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible. When your chairs are exposed to sunlight, the materials in them will degrade and become brittle. Secondly, if your seats become wet, make careful to dry them as soon as possible. Mold may form on them if they aren’t dried soon enough.

You should avoid leaving your pontoon boat seats submerged in water or moisture if you want to preserve them in excellent condition for a lengthy period of time. Seats will decay more quickly if they are exposed to water. You should use a marine-grade vinyl glue on any cracks that appear and wait 24 hours before re-using the seats to prevent further damage.


Investing a good captain’s seat will not only make your outings more convenient but you will safeguard your health. This makes a captain’s seat among the most important elements on your boat. You should strive to choose the best. This list highlights five great reclining captain’s seats that are bound to bolster your comfort while you are on the driving wheel.



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